Gozo ゴゾ

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My name is Gozo.
I am from San Francisco, California. My house is nearby the Pacific Ocean. Many people think that California is sunny and has many beautiful beaches, but my hometown is famous for thick fog and is sometimes gloomy, even in the summer. So we cannot go to the beach very often.
My parents are originally from Japan, but moved to America about 40 years ago and have been living there since.
I moved to Japan in 2011 and have lived in Aichi and Tokyo. Now, I live in Osaka with my wife and two kids.
Things I like to do are playing and watching sports. I am a big fan of baseball, basketball, and American football. Sometimes I wake up at 3am to watch it!
My favorite foods are takoyaki, and Mexican food like burritos and tacos. If you know a good Mexican restaurant, please tell me about it.
Thank you and I hope to see all of you soon.